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The steamer Enosis (formerly Owl, "Owl") was a small, wheeled vessel that could develop a speed of 16 knots. It was bought in England in July 1867 to cover the needs of the Cretan Revolution of 1866. It was a sister ship with Arkadi, Crete and Panhellenic.

It was built in England in 1860 under the name "Owl" as a postal ship ,with money offered by the Greeks of London.

It was named "Union" because the union with Greece was the ultimate goal of the insurgent Cretans. Although the ship remained officially commercial, its 120-member crew consisted of Greek Navy gunners and a conflict-fighting division. It arrived in Greece in time and was immediately used to transport supplies and volunteers to the revolted Crete, under the government of great merchant shipowners of the time, such as N. Sourmelis, G. Pavlidis and V. Orloff, Aided by experienced Cretan navigators, such as G. Hatzigrigorakakis and P. Tsardis, they fueled the Cretan revolution for more than a year, performing most successful voyages despite the close blockade of the Cretan coast by numerous Turkish ships.



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The continued success of the ship "Union" made the Turks consider it a humiliation for the fleet of the Ottoman Empire and so the Sultan raised the issue of capturing the ship. The capable British commander, Augustus Charles Howard (later known as Howart Pasha), was called up to serve in the Ottoman navy, whom the Sultan promoted to lieutenant and immediately assigned him to organize the Ottoman fleet.Then he gave him the main mission to capture the ship "Union" and sink it at any cost. For this purpose, Howart was given the flagship of the Ottoman navy "Hudavendikiar", a frigate equipped with 50 firearms.

Howart, knowing that the Greek postman would return from his mission in Crete to the port of Syros and correctly estimating that he has a very small chance of chasing a faster ship like this, recruited the even faster cruiser steamer "Itzeddin" and set up open, near the Greek island, with his frigate and another accompanying warship, ordering "Itzeddin" to pursue the ship "Union" and drag it to the place of ambush.





On December 2, 1867, the steamer "Enosis" returning from Crete falls into the trap of Howart where he was abducted by "Itzeddin" and meets the other two ships fighting against him, with Howart boarding the "Houdavendiar" and this attack. The captain of the ship "Enosis" Nikolaos Sourmelis takes action and counters. With the application shot he shortens the left wheel of "Itzeddin", with the required shot he sees the diameter of the passage confusing the various and with the other shot he crashes from the frigate boats. Then, the Greek opening of liberation in the turmoil demonstrated by Turkish ships Various through availability and carefully entering triumphantly in the window of Syros hint of frenetic applause of the content. Howart then shut down the demand for the surrender of the "stealth ship".All the sailors present, even the fishermen, revolted, occupied the pier and prepared fire to hit the Turkish flagship, refusing to hand over the Greek ship to Howart. The news quickly reached Athens where the people revolted and asked the Greek Government to protect the port of Syros. This is how the Greek wooden frigate "Hellas" sails to the island, the only one of the Greek Navy at that time, with the arrival of which in the port of the island, the crowds calm down and return to the pier to the authorities of the local administration. The siege of Syros was extended for another 40 days, while the hostilities extended until January 9, 1869, when the Bulgarian Government with the intervention of the Great Powers achieved the end of the revolution. Since then the steamer "Enosis" became a member of the Greek fleet and was used as an auxiliary ship until in time it became useless and abandoned in the mud of Poros from where it was later sold as iron.


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