(Dimitsana, northwestern Arcadia, 25 March 1771 - Nafplio, 30 May 1826)


The German of Old Patras (Dimitsana Arcadia, March 25, 1771 - Nafplio, May 30, 1826) Greek hierarch, metropolitan of Old Patras and through the protagonists’ hierarchs of the Greek Revolution of 1821 with duplication and service.

He was born in Dimitsana, the son of Ioannis Gozias, a goldsmith and farmer, and of Kanela Koukouzis or Koukouzopoulou, the worldly personal George.

He first studied at the famous School of Dimitsana, in Argos and later at the School of Smyrna. He was ordained a deacon, taking the name Germanos from the Metropolitan of Argos and Nafplio, Iakovos. At that time, he undertook to settle the disputes that existed in the Stavropegian monasteries of the Peloponnese where he successfully completed, gaining the trust of the upper clergy to such an extent that for seven years he handled all the affairs of the High Priests absent from Constantinople.

At the beginning of 1806, during the patriarchate of Gregory, he was ordained a bishop and elected metropolitan of Old Patras, where he took office (enthronement) in May of the same year.

In November 1818 he was initiated into the Friendly.

The German wrote memoirs which, apart from a brief history of Ottoman rule, record events before the beginning of the Revolution and until the National Assembly of Astros in 1823.

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