(1775,Thessaloniki – 1826)


Ioannis Skandalidis, a scholar from Thessaloniki, was born in 1776 and studied in Western Europe. He was initiated into the Friendly Society(Filiki Eteria) on December 6, 1819 in Constantinople. Then he participated in the Revolution in the Danube Hegemony and on April 9, 1821 he took over administrative duties in the General Assembly founded by Alexandros Ypsilantis in Tyrgovisti. After the failure of the uprising in the Hegemony he went to the revolted country and in November of the same year he took part in the Assembly of Salons, which elected him a member of the Supreme Court. After the cessation of the meetings of the House, in June 1822, he participated in the work of the Parliamentary Committee, acting as secretary, and is among the delegates who signed on November 9, 1822 its Second Act, which enacted the first electoral law. He also participated in the Second National Assembly (1823), while then he was unanimously re-elected first secretary of the Parliament, a position which he held for the next two terms of the Administration until his death. Skandalidis died of an illness on October 28, 1825 and was buried at public expense.

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