(Samos 1772 – 1850)


Ioannis Stamou Logothetis (mid-18th century - 1826), was a fighter of the Greek revolution and a politician from Livadia. He was engaged in trade. He had been awarded the honorary office of Logothetis, which he also held as a surname. He was a forerunner of Livadia and one of the leaders of the uprising in the city, it is reported that together with Diakos, Filonas, Bousgos and Nakos they were preparing the uprising. He had been initiated into the Friendly Society(Filiki Eteria) in 1819 by A. Zarifis, in 1820 he had been accused along with the other nobles by the Turkish voivode that they were agents of Ali Pasha and had asked to be sentenced to death but was eventually acquitted.

He served as Plenipotentiary of Livadia in the First National Assembly of Epidaurus in 1821, in the Third National Assembly of Epidaurus in 1826, a member of the Executive in 1821 and governor of Aegina in 1824.


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