Ioannis Mavromichalis, the so-called Katsis, was a fighter of 1821.

His brother was Petrobeis Mavromichalis. Petrobei's third brother in a row, from whom he was initiated into the Friendly Society(Filiki Eteria), offered great services to the National Uprising. He was famous for his masculine beauty and had a great influence in Mani. They say that when in 1815 Theodorobeis Grigorakis lost the favor of the Sultan and the hegemony of Mani, Kapudan Pasha first offered the baton to Ioannis Katsis Mavromichalis, but Ioannis refused the position because, as he said, he had an older brother in Laconia to respect the family hierarchy. Thus Petrobeis bey of Mani was appointed.

He accompanied his nephew, Elias, as well as his brothers, Antonis and Konstantinos, during the entry and liberation of Kalamata. He took part in the sieges of the castles of Methoni and Koroni, in the battle of Valtetsi, where he distinguished himself, in the siege and conquest of Monemvasia as well as in the giant battles of Vergas Diros (22-26 / 6 1826) and Polyaravos (28-30 / 8 1826) , where Ibrahim Pasha lost 2/3 of his army, in fallen and captured, and did not dare to give another battle.

However, Ioannis avoided his long absences from Mani, because he had the responsibility of collecting, distributing and sending all the supplies to the fighting Mani troops, so he remained in Mani and managed the family affairs. In addition to managing supplies, he maintained internal peace, cohesion, solidarity and administrative military power in Mani. That is why they called him, on the occasion of the permanent absence of Petrobei's brother, "King of Mani". Later we meet him to direct the military and financial services of the defense camp of Thuria. A significant part of the diary is saved from this service.

In 1830, during Kapodistrias, he expelled the government military units from Mani and was summoned by the Governor to Nafplio for conciliation, he was imprisoned for 18 months in the castle of Its Kale, while his son, Elias Katsakos Mavromichalis, was kept under surveillance and restriction in Nafplio. On the same occasion, Kapodistrias imprisoned Petrobei himself and placed under surveillance his son Georgios and his brother Konstantinos, who summoned them for alleged conciliation. That is, five Mavromichalia were hostages of Kapodistrias.

Later, during the Bavarian rule in the years of Otto, after the trial and condemnation of Kolokotronis and Plapoutas, there was a bloody stand in Mani against the Bavarians with significant losses, mainly at the expense of the Bavarians. And when two battalions of Bavarians were sent with a strict order to subdue the Manians and to tear down the towers of Mani, an entire battalion of Bavarians was captured by the Manians. The Duchy then demanded negotiations for the release of the Bavarian soldiers and what would be the reward of the Mani, so Katsis, wanting to humiliate the Bavarian officers, asked: One penny for each officer and one talent for each army. This cruel attitude of the people of Mania and the demonstrations of the people in Nafplio contributed to the avoidance of executions of the two condemned generals and so Othon on the occasion of his ascension to the throne gave grace and the two generals were saved from the guillotine.


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