The “Thalis o Milissios” is a purpose-built cable-laying steamship. She was built in 1909 at the Newport News Shipyard in Virginia for the account of the U.S.A. government. She was donated to the Greek State in 1947 and for 40 years was used for the restoration and expansion of the telecommunications network in the Aegean Sea.

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She is the oldest ship recorded in the Hellenic Shipping Registry and the oldest cable-layer in the world still operating with her original steam engines. Her gross tonnage is 476, while her length and beam are 51.26 meters and 10.34 meters respectively. The “Thalis o Milissios” was donated to the Aegean Maritime Museum by the Greek Telecommunications Organization (O.T.E.) in June 1991. A number of naval architects, engineers, former masters, and skilled technicians collaborated on the project of the vessel’s restoration to her original state.

She was also enriched with nautical instruments, historical exhibits and a small collection of telecommunications materials. The Greek State has designated her as “Floating Museum for scientific, cultural and educational purposes”.