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The “Evangelistria” is one of the last genuine Perama-type vessels. She was built on the island of Syros, by the renowned shipwright Mavrikos, for the account of the Myconian Captain Antonis Bonis. She has a cargo capacity of 90 tons, length of 20.15 meters and beam of 6.4 meters and a total sail of 220 square meters.

From her launch, up to sometime in the mid-70’s the “Evangelistria” served the needs of the Aegean islands functioning as a cargo vessel. From 1978 till 1988 she lay on the island of Syros, in a state of ruin. The Aegean Maritime Museum, in co-operation with specialists, started the restoration and repairs of the “Evangelistria” in 1988 and completed it in 1990. Today, she sails again in the Aegean Sea, in the same way she did when she was built. Because of the way that “Evangelistria” was constructed, she has been officially designated a vessel for the study of subjects relating to the history of the shipbuilding craft and naval ethnology. The late Peter Throckmorton, professor at the Oceanographic Centre of Nova University in Florida, sailed with the “Evangelistria” in order to study her and he claimed that a 3000-year-old tradition will end when the last Perama-type vessel is lost.