Aegean Maritime Museum (English edition)


It is believed that seafaring people appeared in Greece long before the first farmers and shepherds. Some 10.000 years ago, according to archaeological discoveries, these seafarers began to explore the Aegean.


At Fhranchthi Cave in the Peloponnese tools dating to the 8th millennium BC were found, made of obsidian (a kind of hard volcanic glass) from Melos, showing that this material must have been transported to the Peloponnese in some sort of boat. This is the oldest evidence for the transport of goods by sea.

As the Aegean has played a decisive role in Greek Maritime History, and principally for this reason it was decided to establish the Aegean Maritime Museum on Mykonos, Delos’s close neighbor, in 1983.

Delos, located approximately in the centre of the Aegean, was the connecting link in antiquity for sea transport between East and West.

The purpose of the Museum is to collect, classify, study, research and display historical and scientific material and to create a nucleus that will form a centre of activity for everyone interested in studying and preserving the maritime traditions of the Aegean.


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